#I Vote Because Voting

#I Vote Because…

As a proud coalition partner of Go Vote 815, the League of Women Voters of Greater Rockford, Illinois had the opportunity to gather citizen comment on why they vote! Go Vote 815 is a Northern Illinois GOTV/Get Out The Vote initiative that has over 20 coalition members. For more information on Go Vote 815, visit the website, This video has sound.

Coalition members

Rockford Mayor Endorses Go Vote 815 at Press Conference

LWVGR Co-President Sue Theden discusses the purpose of the Go Vote 815 initiative as Mayor Thomas McNamara, LWVGR Voter Services Chair, Carol Davies, and Go Vote 815 coalition members wait to give their endorsements.

The Northern Illinois voter encouragement program, Go Vote 815, has over 20 local coalition members, many of whom had representatives voice their endorsement of great voter activity and the Go Vote 815 initiative at the Mayor’s Press Conference, September 8, 2022. The League of Women Voters of Greater Rockford, Illinois is also a coalition member.

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Are YOU Vote-Ready?

A coalition of community members from Galena to Joliet, Illinois is invited to join forces to insure every single citizen of voting age is registered to vote. Since a massive overhaul of the state voting laws in 2017 Illinois citizens are auto-registered to vote. Many do not realize this. Our task is to drive potential voters to a website that is a virtual compendium of knowledge for Illinois voters, the Illinois Voter Guide, created by the League of Women Voters of Illinois.

Follow the QR Code for your latest voting info!

This QR Code is the ticket to the Illinois Voter Guide. It will be everywhere, distributed by our coalition members.

Ready to become a force for voting equality in the “815?” Email today for more information.

This is a serious permanent endeavor.
Let’s work together for our democracy.